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Desurai Wilson, President


Steering Business Into Success

Laveer Logic has become the premier resource that will reassure businesses of their value in the marketplace. We look to attract small businesses who are experts in their field and willing to laveer their way to a higher level of business. Laveer Logic will push and steer your product/service into a position to work with government agencies, that will ultimately catapult you into another business dimension.

Our Strategy

Our attention to detail and desire to end the spirit of mission creeping, will proclaim the value of your company. We will always honor the culture of your business and maintain its integrity.

Areas of Expertise

Steering Business Into Success

steering business into success


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Awarded Contracts

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Individual Clients

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Professional Experience

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satisfied customers

Satisfied Clients

Steering Business Into Success
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I’ve always been told there are no special snowflakes in business. Solid business principles will work for any business and that is what Desurai Wilson brings to the table. Her strong knowledge and experience in government contracting and business foundation is just what Safety Kinetics Consulting and Construction, LLC needed. Her simple strategies and implementation processes gives you the confidence that you can win at solidifying future contracts with your local city, state agencies and federal government.

Sabriyah Callis - CEO Safety Kinetics

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I was extremely pleased with the information presented by Ms. Wilson during her training on Government Contracting.  She conducted a thorough presentation and captured the attention of all the participants. Her extensive knowledge and level of experience made me confident to recommend her services to other colleagues.  Ms. Wilson’s training advanced my knowledge about government contracting, gave me guidance on how to determine next steps for my business, and encouraged me to consider government contracting for expanding my business.  

Leslie M. Garcia - LCSW, CASWCM of Counseling Space, P.C.

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This was a great class! Thank you for clarity & enthusiasm about obtaining government contracts. The pace and duration of the class were appropriate. I have been able to strategically plan to connect with government individuals using the knowledge that I have learned from this class. I feel more comfortable about the process and the steps to take to obtain US government contracts. You over delivered!!! It was amazing!

Wendy Alexander, Inspiring Decisions - Cross-cultural Consultant and International Business Strategist

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Not only do I now know how to expand my leadership consultancy by adding government contracts, but I know where to find money right in my own back yard. Your strategies are effective and shaves days off the research process. I’m ready to take my business to the next level.

Eryka T. Johnson - Owner of High Pursuit, LLC

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Laveer Logic has become the premier resource that will reassure businesses of their value in the marketplace.

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