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My Trip to Dubai

Global Business Connections Conference

Laveer LogicNewsMy trip to Dubai!

In November 2018 I had the pleasure of visiting Dubai! This is a magical place with beautiful people, architecture, land, food and culture! I went to attend the Global Business Connections Conference, hosted by the Global Success Society where I served as the Master of Ceremony and as a guest speaker! While I was truly excited to attend, share and exchange ideas, my expectations were truly exceeded as this became tranformative!

Traveling to other countries and understanding its culture, traditions, history, and milestones is imperative in order to Laveer, grow and evolve as a person. I will forever travel the world in order to expand my personality, brand and service platform to women internationally.

Every day was impactful and offered an opportunity for me to stretch and grow as a woman, entrepreneur, leader and influencer. I am forever humbled and grateful to travel and admire the beauty and influences of other countries.